Wife and mother to a beautiful daughter. Southern Home & Farm is my pursuit of all things garden, design, vintage décor and farm.

Hi Friends!
I'm Rhonda Kaiser,


 I believe in sharing my knowledge, growing beautiful things, including this community, and by giving back and encouraging others to do the same.

Southern Home and Farm offers a peaceful escape from the daily grind – from expert to novice gardeners, homesteaders and those in between who enjoy the opportunity to get a glimpse from my perspective.

I do this by showcasing curated home, farm and garden scenery while sharing my expertise and select vintage finds. I am glad you are here and thankful you are following along the way. Much more to come my friends!

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After graduating from Texas A&M University, I studied interior design at the Art Institute and even worked in the natural gas industry for a short while. Inspired by my husband’s grandmother, I eventually found my true passion in floral design and ultimately became certified as a Texas Master Gardener, and even returned to my Alma mater to study landscape design too!

Along my journey, my husband and I bought a farm, which has become my escape and the perfect setting for working with gardening and flowers! I’m excited for you to join me on this journey as I continue to find new ways to make our home and outdoor spaces beautiful.

When I’m not working on our home or the farm, you’ll likely find me on Instagram: @southernhomeandfarm. I hope you’ll stop by and let me know what speaks to you!